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Dr Michael Acurio: Tips to Get Relieve from Joint Pain

A professional orthopedic surgeon who’s run his private practice for more than two decades, Dr Michael Acurio knows the importance of consulting other doctors when considering surgery. A professional orthopedic surgeon who’s run his private practice for more than two decades, Dr. Michael Acurio knows the importance of consulting other doctors when considering surgery. Surgeons like him often sit with other physicians to plan an effective treatment plan for a patient.

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Dr Michael Acurio: Patron of The Strand Theater

Dr Michael Acurio is a proud sponsor and patron of The Strand Theater in Shreveport, Louisiana, hailed as the “official state theater of Louisiana.” Dr. Michael Acurio is a successful orthopedic surgeon living and working in Benton, Louisiana. Dr. Acurio studied medicine at Louisiana State University Shreveport’s Medical School, where he fell in love with the historic theater and the inviting space it has created within itself over the years. Dr. Acurio completed his internship there as well and went on to complete his residency at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston in 1991. He has been running his own private practice, specializing in orthopedic medicine, in Benton since 1991.


Dr. Michael Acurio supports the Strand Theater for many reasons. Not the least of those is the history surrounding the building and institution. The Strand started as a joint venture between two sets of brothers, the Saengers and the Ehrlichs, both running businesses in Shreveport, Louisiana around 1900. Their first jointly run theater was called the Saenger Theater, which was eventually renamed The Capri. The success of the Capri led to further investment in the arts over the decades and continued with the construction of the Strand Theater in 1923. Over the years, the Strand has gone through many changes. The Strand finally opened 1925, featuring a comic opera called The Chocolate Soldier. At the time, the people of Shreveport called The Strand “The Million-Dollar Theater,” partially because of its air-conditioned interior.

Today, The Strand is a cultural center for the community of Shreveport. Dr. Michael Acurio is proud to be a part of its history and patronage and enjoys going to see great performances within its hallowed halls.

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Dr. Michael Acurio: New Developments in The Field of Orthopedics

An orthopedic surgeon who runs his private practice, Dr Michael Acurio has been treating patients successfully for more than two decades. In that time, he’s managed to see various advancements in the world of medicine. From the promotion of minimally-invasive procedures to imaging technology that allows orthopedic physicians to have a better picture of injuries and diseases, there has been a lot of change compared to what Dr. Acurio first experienced as a young doctor.


The following are some of the latest trends and developments in orthopedics.

3D Printers

3D printing isn’t just big in the manufacturing and design industries; it’s got some applications in orthopedics, too. 3D printing technology is available to orthopedic surgeons as well, and it’s helped physicians build accurate impressions of the human bone. Already, this technology is used in hip arthroplasty procedures.

Better operations suites

In addition to coming up with better ways of treating musculoskeletal diseases and injuries, medical technology is making it easy for orthopedics to move and work during surgical procedures. Technology is being introduced for use in knee revision arthroplasty procedures that reduces prep time, eliminates unnecessary surgical steps, and improves the outcomes for patients. Cost effectiveness has long been a goal in the healthcare industry, so having technology that delivers high-quality results at low costs is appreciated.

Measuring patient outcomes

Orthopedic surgeons and facilities can’t just say they are good at what they do. To become trusted providers, they have to show they can deliver high-quality care at reasonable costs, all while ensuring patients have a good experience. As a result, facilities are moving away from research-based tools to scoring tools that patients can interact with. These instruments are availed to patients pre- and post-procedure to enable the comprehensive collection of data about surgeons’ performance and procedure effectiveness.

Outpatient surgery

The goal of an orthopedic doctor is to have their patient moving and living a normal life as soon as possible. This goal is being furthered by initiatives to reduce hospital stays for certain procedures like hip replacements. Once a multi-day procedure, orthopedic specialists are embracing programs that create efficiencies through better anesthesia, medication, and adoption of minimally-invasive procedures, thus moving more common procedures to outpatient settings.

Orthopedic technology continues to make significant strides, with specialists like Dr Michael Acurio at the forefront of using these advancements for better outcomes for patients

Dr. Michael Acurio: Making Time for Fitness

Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Michael Acurio always makes time to engage in physical fitness exercises. He is an orthopedic surgeon by profession and has established a successful private practice in Louisiana. Being an orthopedic surgeon has also educated him on the benefits of physical fitness. Thus he likes to stay active when he has the time.

Dr Michael Acurio

We all have reasons not to take the time to engage in physical fitness, but it comes down to time management. If we can find a chance to catch up on a favorite television show or hang out with close friends, then finding time for exercise is possible. Here’s how to get started.

Cut down on TV time

It’s easy to get drawn into watching TV for hours or visiting various sites on the Internet. However, you can set a time limit for these activities, thereby finding time in your day for exercise. Do this for a while, and exercising becomes more of a priority than screen time.

You don’t have to do everything

If you review your daily tasks carefully, there are those that someone else can handle. Perhaps it’s asking your assistant to handle some of the work tasks, or having the kids help out with making dinner. Delegate whatever you can and use that time to get healthy.

Prioritize the important things

Many fitness experts point to mornings as the best time to engage in exercise. Working out in the morning provides your body with the mental and physical energy to get through whatever the day has in store.

If you still do all these and find yourself with limited time, don’t worry. As Dr. Michael Acurio knows, exercise doesn’t have to take long. When it comes to fitness, quality trumps quantity.

Dr. Michael Acurio – Common Injuries Sustained by Athletes

Dr. Michael Acurio is a physician orthopedic surgeon who runs a private practice in Shreveport, Louisiana. Like many orthopedic specialists, Dr. Michael Acurio dealt with individuals suffering injuries as a result of their participation in athletics. Many physical sports require some level of exertion, which opens up the possibility of harm. While team physicians are keen to ensure athletes remain as injury-free as possible, they are also there to help in case these injuries happen.

In sports medicine, physicians can range from orthopedic surgeons to non-surgical team doctors. Depending on their expertise, they can treat a variety of athletic injuries.

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Dr. Michael Acurio: What Do You Know About Bone Deformities?

As an orthopedic surgeon working in private practice, Dr. Michael Acurio has provided non-emergency and emergency care for a patient with musculoskeletal injuries. In many cases, specialists like him are responsible for diagnosing the injuries or diseases, providing treatment through surgery or medication, and recommending physiotherapy to restore strength to the affected part.


Occasionally, orthopedic doctors are called upon to correct bone deformities, which arise out of injury or present themselves at birth. It’s important to correct these deformities because leaving them untreated can limit normal function or bring long-term health issues.

One example of a bone deformity problem is knock knees. An individual with knock knees will have a large space between their feet when they put their knees together. Many young children show this condition, and for the most part, it is part of healthy development. By the age of seven, the legs will have straightened. However, knock knees can carry over into adulthood, and it doesn’t cause concern unless it brings other issues.

In some instances, knock knees can be a sign of an underlying issue that needs examination, especially if it develops in adults or older children.

Seeking medical advice

For a case of knock knees, a visit to the doctor is necessary if the problem gets worse with time, i.e. the gap increases with time (more than 8cm between the feet). If walking becomes an issue or knee pain develops, then it’s time to see a doctor. Surgery is rarely necessary, and where it is, a procedure called an osteotomy (removal of small bone tissue from the legs to enable realignment) is performed.

Dr. Michael Acurio is an experienced orthopedic surgeon with 20 years under his belt. He is a member of the Bossier Parish Medical Society.

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Dr. Michael Acurio – Benefits of Getting Children Involved in Sports

A father of five children, Dr. Michael Acurio has often had his hands full in getting his kids to engage in youth sports. He is involved in the Benton Little League as a volunteer, something that has afforded him the opportunity to see the benefits that arise from getting children to play sports from an early age. Other than the obvious physical benefits, there are psychological benefits that children can enjoy.

Dr Michael Acurio


Physical activity in a team setting helps children learn how to work together regardless of how well individual players may be. They learn how to communicate effectively and therefore see a task to full completion. Teamwork is a valuable lesson that children can use as they progress into adulthood.

Healthy lifestyle

Combined with the right nutrition, physical exercise can help children understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The importance of fitness taught at an early age can be a lesson that sticks throughout their lives.

Improved self-esteem

When children perform well in sports they gain a sense of accomplishment that builds up their confidence in life and personal issues. As a parent, help your child choose a sport they can learn and improve in, thus providing them an opportunity to build their self-esteem.

Better academic performance

Studies have shown that playing sports can have a positive effect on academic achievement. Engaging in sports helps children develop emotionally and learn how to solve problems through creative thinking. Constant mental engagement on the field sharpens the mind, which helps with classroom work off the field.

Dr. Michael Acurio is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who has worked with or supported several children’s hospitals, including Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children in Greenville, South Carolina.

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