Dr Michael Acurio: Patron of The Strand Theater

Dr Michael Acurio is a proud sponsor and patron of The Strand Theater in Shreveport, Louisiana, hailed as the “official state theater of Louisiana.” Dr. Michael Acurio is a successful orthopedic surgeon living and working in Benton, Louisiana. Dr. Acurio studied medicine at Louisiana State University Shreveport’s Medical School, where he fell in love with the historic theater and the inviting space it has created within itself over the years. Dr. Acurio completed his internship there as well and went on to complete his residency at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston in 1991. He has been running his own private practice, specializing in orthopedic medicine, in Benton since 1991.


Dr. Michael Acurio supports the Strand Theater for many reasons. Not the least of those is the history surrounding the building and institution. The Strand started as a joint venture between two sets of brothers, the Saengers and the Ehrlichs, both running businesses in Shreveport, Louisiana around 1900. Their first jointly run theater was called the Saenger Theater, which was eventually renamed The Capri. The success of the Capri led to further investment in the arts over the decades and continued with the construction of the Strand Theater in 1923. Over the years, the Strand has gone through many changes. The Strand finally opened 1925, featuring a comic opera called The Chocolate Soldier. At the time, the people of Shreveport called The Strand “The Million-Dollar Theater,” partially because of its air-conditioned interior.

Today, The Strand is a cultural center for the community of Shreveport. Dr. Michael Acurio is proud to be a part of its history and patronage and enjoys going to see great performances within its hallowed halls.

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