Dr. Michael Acurio: What Do You Know About Bone Deformities?

As an orthopedic surgeon working in private practice, Dr. Michael Acurio has provided non-emergency and emergency care for a patient with musculoskeletal injuries. In many cases, specialists like him are responsible for diagnosing the injuries or diseases, providing treatment through surgery or medication, and recommending physiotherapy to restore strength to the affected part.


Occasionally, orthopedic doctors are called upon to correct bone deformities, which arise out of injury or present themselves at birth. It’s important to correct these deformities because leaving them untreated can limit normal function or bring long-term health issues.

One example of a bone deformity problem is knock knees. An individual with knock knees will have a large space between their feet when they put their knees together. Many young children show this condition, and for the most part, it is part of healthy development. By the age of seven, the legs will have straightened. However, knock knees can carry over into adulthood, and it doesn’t cause concern unless it brings other issues.

In some instances, knock knees can be a sign of an underlying issue that needs examination, especially if it develops in adults or older children.

Seeking medical advice

For a case of knock knees, a visit to the doctor is necessary if the problem gets worse with time, i.e. the gap increases with time (more than 8cm between the feet). If walking becomes an issue or knee pain develops, then it’s time to see a doctor. Surgery is rarely necessary, and where it is, a procedure called an osteotomy (removal of small bone tissue from the legs to enable realignment) is performed.

Dr. Michael Acurio is an experienced orthopedic surgeon with 20 years under his belt. He is a member of the Bossier Parish Medical Society.

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